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  • Commercial General Liability (CGL)

  • Directors & Officers

  • Environmental & Pollution

  • Film, Media & Entertainment

  • General Contractor

  • Municipal

  • Personal Lines

  • Product

  • Subcontractor

  • Wrap‑Up Liability

  • Additional / Specific Investigation

  • Mediation

  • Quantum Analysis

  • Agicultural Business

  • Agricultural Sector

  • Boiler & Machinery

  • Builders Risk

  • Business Interruption

  • Cargo & Transport

  • Commercial

  • Condominium

  • Dishonesty, Disappearance & Destruction (DDD)

  • Garage Owner
  • Major Losses

  • Marine

  • Medical Facility

  • Personal Lines

  • Fraud

  • Theft

  • Accountant

  • Actuary

  • Architect

  • Bailiff

  • Bankruptcy Trustee

  • Claims Adjuster

  • Engineer
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance

  • Financial Services Representative

  • Home Inspector

  • Hospital Liability

  • Insurance Broker (Damage, Life, Group Insurance)

  • Land Surveyor

  • Media Liability

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Pharmacist

  • Real Estate Broker

  • Syndic of the Ordre des Psychologues du Québec

  • Veterinarian





Founded in 1988, LVV has more than 30 years of experience in the field of claims handling in the Province of Quebec and has continued to grow over time with an experienced group of claims adjusters dedicated to serving property and casualty insurers and their clients.


Our team of claims adjusters, supported by our administrative personnel, is committed to providing professional services quickly, fairly and with the utmost care in order to support our clients and hence contribute to honor our promise of assisting them in the event of a loss. 


In order to do so, we have developed a particular expertise for numerous types of specialized insurance and this in numerous fields of activities. Our team favours an approach based on availability, proactivity and the establishment of a relationship based on mutual trust in order to support our clients in the achievement of their standards in a timely fashion, obtaining high level results while offering made to measure services to meet their needs and expectations. 

Furthermore, LVV’s partners are actively involved in the oversight and quality control of the services offered.  Particular emphasis is given to the optimal management of claims investigation to ensure that investigations are conducted efficiently, ensuring the best quality-price ratio possible for our clients.

In addition to meeting our professional obligations, our objective is to contribute to the promotion of a reputation of excellence in terms of claim handling. 



The Laguë, Vary, Verreault & Associates Inc. claims adjusting firm is the result of more than 30 years of hard work and sustained efforts by experienced professionals dedicated to the services provided by insurance carriers and their customers.


Founded in 1988 by Mr. Luc Laguë as President, the firm of Laguë, Ravenelle & Associates established a solid foundation that enabled the company to grow into Laguë, Vary & Associates Inc. with the addition of Mr. Bertrand Vary as partner in 2006. Laguë, Vary built an enviable reputation based on the high quality of its expertise and its unwavering commitment to offering personalized services that live up to clients’ expectations.


2014 marked the second expansion in the firm's history with the opening of a third branch in Montreal in close collaboration with Mr. Richard Verreault, as a partner in the firm, whose experience, knowledge and contacts have allowed the firm to expand rapidly. For the founders of Laguë, Vary, Verreault & Associates (LVV), this evolution is in keeping with its original mission and the values for which they are recognized. Bolstered by its members, LVV is continually renewing its commitment to conduct business in accordance with the highest standards of quality, integrity and professionalism in the industry. The firm continued to broaden its horizons with the opening of a new branch in Quebec City in 2015.


May 1, 2017 marked a new chapter with the merger of Laguë, Vary, Verreault & Associates and Drolet, Besselle & Landreville to form Laguë, Vary, Verreault & Associates. This merger was the culmination of what Mr. Laguë and his partners had envisioned for themselves; to make their firm one of the largest in Quebec and now a firm entirely Quebec owned with the largest number of professionals. 

January 2020 marked Mr. Laguë's retirement from the company. While confident that the sustainability of the firm is securely in place due to an elaborately detailed plan, it is with pride and a sense of accomplishment that Mr. Laguë has stepped down to enjoy a well-deserved retirement!





President ‑ Partner

Bertrand has been working in his profession since 1986. He has worked for a major insurer and two claims adjusting firms before pursuing his career as an entrepreneur in 2002. 2006 marked the founding of Laguë, Vary & Associates.


Richard Côté

Executive Director ‑ Partner


His career as a Claims Adjuster began in 1986 while working at an insurer. In 1998, he joined the ranks of the independent claims adjusting firm Drolet, Besselle & Landreville. In 2007, he became an owner and partner in the firm. He joined Laguë, Vary, Verreault & Associates when the two firms merged in 2017.


Line Boissé

Branch Manager for Granby & Quebec ‑ Partner

Line began her career as a Claims Adjuster in 1987 at an independent claims adjusting firm. She joined the ranks of Laguë, Ravenelle & Associates in 1995 and became a partner in 2008.


Stéphane Legault

Branch Manager Montreal ‑ Partner

Stéphane began his career in 1985 at an insurance company. In 1997, he joined Drolet, Besselle & Landreville, an independent claims adjusting firm, and in 2007, he became an owner and partner in the firm. He joined Laguë, Vary, Verreault & Associates when the two firms merged in 2017.

montage claude 4.jpg

Claude Nadeau

Director, Liability and Construction Insurance ‑ Partner

Claude began his career as a Claims Adjuster in 1999. He joined the Laguë, Vary, Verreault & Associates firm towards the end of 2019. Previously, he worked for various independent claims adjusting firms and for a major independent global firm as director of the major loss division.


Philippe Dubé

Partner - Claims Adjuster

While Philippe completed his education as a Claims Adjuster in 2000, he chose to broaden his knowledge by pursuing specialized and advanced courses in interrogation techniques and investigations.
As soon as he graduated, he began his career as a claims adjuster with the Underwriters Adjustment Bureau Ltd. (UAB). In 2002, he was able to capitalize on his training in fraudulent claims when he started working at an insurer. Throughout the years, he has worked as an Investigator, an Examiner and a Supervisor with various insurers.


Linda Collin

Compliance and Technical Director

Having joined Laguë, Vary, Verreault & Associates in 2008, Linda currently holds the position of Compliance and Technical Director. Her duties involve file reviews, professional mentoring, quality management with respect to co-ownership issues, and training.


Natalie-Ann Shorteno, CPHR

Human Resources – Accounting ‑ Business Associate

Before joining Laguë, Vary, Verreault & Associates in September 2019, Natalie-Ann provided business development assistance to more than 200 small and medium-sized businesses in the efficient use of financial and personnel resources as a consultant and certified trainer. Since December 2020, she has also become responsible for accounting at the firm.


Nancy D'Amour

Director of Business Development

In September 2020 Nancy joined the Laguë, Vary, Verreault & Associates firm. Her wealth of knowledge and experience, her keen sense of customer service and her excellent reputation in the industry have proven valuable for the growth of the company.


Martin Barsalou

Claims Adjuster – Assistant Account Manager for the Groupe d’entraide RCAD

He joined Laguë, Vary & Associates in 2012. In addition to his work as a Claims Adjuster, since 2002, he is also owner of an agricultural business specializing in grain production.